Fun with music for little ones...and beyond.


live music classes to help them learn and make music!

Jingle Bugs is a music class that your child will love from Day One, whether they're a newborn, feeling the familiar pulse and rhythm of their mother's heartbeat in the music or a preschooler, keen to understand and explore the world through sound.

These fun, friendly and fantastic guitar-led classes keep your child (and you!) entertained sharing the wonder and simplicity of making music together whilst benefitting all areas of child development (see below).  Jingle Bugs children are always singing, playing instruments, learning, sharing, moving, listening and having fun!

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

 Language &


mental &

physical development

social skills &



Music is the most valuable tool for developing communication. We're very lucky that England is a country with an amazing supply of songs & rhymes that enrich a young child's learning.   Here at Jingle Bugs we sometimes mix it up with a bit of French or Spanish too!  Number 

songs help make counting second nature to children.

There's always lots of movement

and actions & they get more

challenging as the child gets older

Have you tried 1 Finger 1 Thumb?

You'll see what we mean!

The experience of singing with

& supporting your child on your

musical journey together is a 

real joy to see & share.  Not

only do music classes promote

this bond but they also help

children learn to share, take turns,

tidy up & participate as a valued

member of the group.

Every activity at Jingle Bugs shows

creativity in action- be it through

story telling or the use of props, 

where a scarf can become a kite, a

tree, a duster or a butterfly. Older

children often make suggestions -

we've had dinosaurs on buses, candy

floss planets & pirate pilots!